I’m Not Perfect - But, I Am Enough (based on Brene Brown) - Lu Duke

Lu Duke - Certified Mental Health Counselor (CMHC)

This talk was presented at the January 2018 I Am Mom Summit (an online conference for Moms).


Lu Duke is a wife, mother, grandmother and Certified Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is not a CMHC because of the first three life experiences. However, she does regularly practice mindfulness and self-compassion which have helped greatly with those endeavors. Self-compassion and mindfulness are just two approaches, along with other counseling techniques and perspectives, Lu utilizes as part of her private practice. Lu is a big fan of Brené Brown’s research on shame, vulnerability and connection. She is certified to present Dr. Brown's work which she has done in conferences, classes, intensives, and podcasts . Lu loves teaching, speaking and sharing information on becoming authentic and living a wholehearted, joy full life.