3 Ways to Hear the Music of Motherhood and Find Your Voice | Cheri Magill Heaton

Cheri Magill Heaton - Singer/Songwriter

This talk was presented at the January 2018 I Am Mom Summit (an online conference for Moms).


Cheri is a wife and a mother to three children. She’s a singer/songwriter who took a break from recording while her children were little. Cheri is passionate about teaching her children and finding creative ways to help them love learning. When Cheri wasn’t pursuing music she started a DIY blog called I Am Momma Hear Me Roar, sharing ideas on home decor, sewing, and teaching children. Now she’s returned to her musical roots and recently recorded a new album with songs all about motherhood, which will be released in early spring. The new album is called, “Tour Guide” representing Cheri’s favorite aspect of motherhood - the chance to show her children this magical and wild world.