How Unexpectedly Becoming A Multi-Million Dollar International Entrepreneur Helped Me Crush It As A Mom...A Guide To Pursuing Your Dreams While Creating A Beautiful Family | Katie Richardson

Katie Richardson - Founder & Author

This talk was presented at the January 2018 I Am Mom Summit (an online conference for Moms).


Katie Richardson is unlike any Entrepreneur you’ve ever met. She is part of the ELITE top 3% of Entrepreneurs to take her company past the Million Dollar Mark in less than a year. She is a powerful Speaker, Author, and Life Coach. In 2009 she became known as the mother of 4 who saved parents around the world with her brilliant baby bath, the Pudge Tub. In less than a year she built a multi-million dollar international company, from a sketch and a giant leap of faith. Today, Katie is coaching an ELITE group of entrepreneurs who are committed to building a global movement that has lasting impact.


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