3 Pro Secrets That Will Transform Your Photography Today | Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace - Photographer Educator and Podcast Host @thephotographerselement

This talk was presented at the January 2018 I Am Mom Summit (an online conference for Moms).


SARAH GRACE IS CELEBRATING HER SEVENTH BLISSFUL YEAR AS A PHOTOGRAPHY TEACHER. Mentoring flourishing photographers makes her heart sing, as well as collecting vintage Little Peoples, and devouring all things Drum Corp (check out www.dci.org and watch her inner-geek emerge!). Sarah believes in holding no secrets back when teaching. She is the genius behind the photography education site The Photographers Element where she takes her students on a personal photography education journey. Sarah Grace lives in Louisiana with her husband, Loves-to-ride-the-bus-first-grader, scrambled eggs lovin’ boy and "momma momma" sayin' baby.